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A huge Thank You to everyone who has reached out to me over the last couple of weeks.  Whether it’s been to share your experience, offer support, lend an ear or just say hi, I really appreciate it.
I spoke with a counselor over the phone last week, it felt good to hear from someone who isn’t family or a friend that what I’m feeling is normal.  I choose to speak with someone over the phone for a couple of reasons, I didn’t
have to wait for an appointment, I could call when I felt I needed it the most and it was less intimidating.  My plan is to see how the next week or two goes and if I feel as though I need or want to talk to someone I’ll make a face to face appointment.
While writing my experience and feelings down wasn’t easy, posting and putting out there for everyone to see just how I was feeling helped more than I ever thought it would.  As soon as I hit publish I felt a sense of
relief.  Maybe it was admitting to feeling guilty or maybe it was by publishing what I felt I was finally acknowledging and accepting (and thus no longer fighting) what I was feeling.
This week has been easier, I’m feeling less angry and more engaged, though sometimes I have to persuade myself to go out instead of sitting at home on the couch.  I’m sleeping better, I still wake up a couple of times a night but never in fear and I’m always able to fall back asleep rather quickly.

I still feel numb about the whole incident, it just doesn’t seem real.  I still haven’t cried.
After the urging of a reader, multiple Google searches and a call to a hospital to see if I was overreacting, I went to the ER yesterday to get my hearing checked out.  I actually have really poor hearing to being with, due to a hole in my ear drum I have severe hearing loss in my right ear.  The left ear is better but due to scar tissue caused by the repairing of a hole, my hearing in that ear is below normal.  The first couple of days after the blast my hearing seemed to have improved, I was picking up noises I typically wouldn’t.  The last two weeks my hearing has been worse.
Another reality I didn’t really want to face.
I passed it off as part of being distracted and disengaged.  Due to the hearing loss it’s extremely easy for me to zone out, if I’m not looking at you chances are I’m not listening.  I’ve also had a cold so it’s possible that my ears are blocked.  But I have noticed that it has been more difficult to hear people when they’re whispering, so sucking it up and getting my hearing checked out was in my best interest.

The hearing test was worse than I imagined.  These tests always stress me out as there is no way I’ll ever “pass” and the results usually lead to really loud questioning on how I function on a daily basis.  During the beep test the women yelled at me for raising my hand when there weren’t any beeps (clearly you fooled me).  Then she asked me if I was even trying, I fought back tears and decided it was best to ignore her.  I also showed amazing restraint while she interrupted the session to diagnose my ear problems and then again later on when she got the headband stuck in my hair.
On a positive note hospital security was not notified of my visit so I should have no issues returning in a couple of weeks for a follow-up with a specialist.
The test results, my hearing is worse (though not significantly) and the hole in my ear drum is larger, both of which could be attributed to the explosion at the marathon.  The doctor I spoke with in the ER mentioned that they’ve seen numerous cases like this from people who were close by the blasts.

If you are experiencing hearing loss (for any reason) you should get it checked out…sooner rather than later unlike me.  I went to the ER at Mass Eye and Ear, despite my rant above they were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. 

Having to take a hearing test can easily ruin my week. 
Side Note: I have a hearing aid but don’t use it, I found it extremely difficult to deal with as it seemed to pick up more side noise.  For example if you and I were talking, I wouldn’t hear you any louder but I would pick up the person in the next office typing and someone across the room chewing their gum.  It actually made me feel bad for people who don’t have hearing problems, how do you deal with all the outside distractions?!
Yesterday I learned that the type of hearing aid I have wouldn’t really help my type of hearing loss and that’s why I could never adjust to it.   (I would feel better about being right if I hadn’t spent so much money on the hearing
As to how I function on a daily basis: I strategically place myself so that I’ll be able to see/hear the majority of people in the room.  When walking/running with friends I make sure their on my left. 

Also, I’m fairly decent at reading lips.  I sometimes get self-conscious that people are going to get creeped out when/if they realize that I’m not making eye contact but rather staring at their mouths.  But in reality I don’t think most people notice.  The volume on the TV is louder than most people would watch at and despite having really good eye sight I tend to sit close so that I can read the actors lips.  If the voice is off  it drives me nuts and I’ll end up changing the channel. 

I’ve also gotten more comfortable asking people to speak up and if need be explaining my listening limitations.

I can’t listen if I can’t hear you!


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Every night before I go to bed, I write down the things I’m grateful for, most nights the lists are identical, I’m grateful for my family, friends, house, job, health. Some nights the list contains things like a good hair day, an unexpected dinner request or a great run.

The last few nights my list has looked a little different.

-I’m extremely grateful my friends and I were unharmed in the events that occurred on Monday.

-I’m extremely grateful that I have friends who jumped into action and helped those who weren’t as fortunate.

-I’m extremely grateful for the stranger who didn’t think twice about turning around to pick me up when I fell as the second blast went off.

-I’m extremely grateful for the first responders, the quickness and precision these men and women acted with is remarkable.

It was almost as though it was a dress rehearsal and everyone knew exactly where they needed to be and what actions to take.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a dress rehearsal, despite fact that it still seems surreal.

Monday April 15, 2013 began exactly the same way the last few Marathon Mondays began; I got up, went for a run and showered. My sister came over and along with Erin we stopped at Dunkin before meeting Liz downtown and heading to Max Brenner’s to meet up with a bunch of friends.

We got there around 11 so we could get a good spot on the patio to watch the elites finish and cheer on the runners. A round of drinks was ordered as we cheered on the wheelchair division. As the first finishers approached we marveled at how fast they ran and how effortless they made running 26.2 miles look.

I joined Danielle along the side line and as we cheered on the runners we discussed running. How neither of us could imagine being able to run that fast. How a 4 hour marathon would be a huge accomplishment.

The mood was light and many jokes were made. It was a beautiful day in Boston, the temperature was a perfect compromise for runners and spectators. Spring was finally in full effect after a long winter.

Lisa and Maureen had a fantastic front row spot near the corner of Hereford and Boylston. I joined them continuing the running discussions, talking about running the marathon next year and getting updates on how Lisa’s boyfriend Jack was faring in this years race for a bit before heading back to Max Brenner’s. My sister and her boyfriend left to meet up with a couple of his friends, another drink was consumed and Lauren and Kayla joined us from the Atlantic Fish Company to cheer on the runners. All in all it was shaping up to be the perfect day, great company in an inspiring, electric atmosphere.

About an hour later, I decided to head back to hang out with Lisa and Maureen. I told my friends I’d be back in a bit, grabbed my bag and headed into the crowded sidewalks of Boylston Street.

I heard what sounded like a cannon – just like the one that goes off every night in the Navy Yard to signal the sun set – figuring it was a Patriots Day tribute I turned around to see what was going on. I didn’t see anything at first but then a grey cloud of smoke began to emerge.

I started to reason what it could be, a transformer, a cell phone exploded, a manhole cover blew. Fear started to creep over me, the crowd of people 5 deep along the quarter-mile stretch of Boylston was in complete deafen silence.

The silence was then muted by screaming. I asked “what was that” and remember knowing exactly what it was before someone said “run, it’s a bomb”.

I turned around and started to run with the crowd. I felt extremely alert, I think instinct took over and I went into survival mode. I remember questioning whether I was overreacting, but somehow knew the answer was no. I remember questioning (and hoping) whether I was going in the right direction.

And most of all I remember waiting for another explosion.

The second explosion went off, much louder than the first, and I fell. My first initial thought was that I was going to get trampled; I could feel people rushing around me. I knew I needed to get up as quickly as possible and that I needed to get my legs underneath me. The fall seemed to take forever; I remember seeing the ground coming closer and closer.

The person in front of me scooped me up before I barely had a chance to hit the pavement. He made sure I had both feet on the ground and told me I was ok and to keep running. I think he was wearing a brown coat, I don’t remember looking at him nor do I remember if I said Thank You.

It’s at this point that things start getting fuzzy and the panic and fear started creeping in. I remember running and turning onto Fairfield Street and running down to Newbury before I stopped and looked back. I kept waiting to hear another explosion – how many would there be – and questioning whether or not this was really happening. There were people everywhere, panicked, running, crying and screaming. Everything seemed to be a blur.

I immediately started texting my friends to ensure everyone was safe. I felt sick to my stomach. It felt like forever before I got responses, but in reality it was mere seconds and minutes. I remember more and more people starting to gather on Comm Ave and the continuous sound of sirens as more and more first responders arrived the scene.

I remember debating whether or not to tell Julie (via text) about the explosions, still holding up hope that I had overreacted to the whole thing. She was on the T headed to meet us questioning whether she’d be able to get into the bar.

All of my friends were safe and quickly accounted for. My sister and Matt were at lunch on Newbury. Erin and Kayla (both nurses) had run out to help people after the explosions went off. Liz, Lauren, Danielle and Sarah were all safe at Max Brenner’s, Lisa and Maureen were safe on Hereford Street.

Up until Tuesday morning I had assumed that when I had left Max Brenner’s to go find Lisa and Maureen that I had been walking away from the explosions. I thought the first explosion had gone off a couple of businesses down in the direction of the finish line and that the second explosion happened at the finish line.

I didn’t realize just how close my friends and I had been to the destruction.

The second explosion went off two businesses down from where we were. I had just passed that spot mere seconds before the first explosion went off. I think I was standing in front of the Atlantic Fish Company* when I turned around after hearing the first explosion, I remember there being the black iron fence of the patio to my left and I remember the sidewalk opening up after I started running.

I didn’t turn around when the second explosion went off; I didn’t look behind me when the stranger helped me up. The second explosion sounded louder but I had assumed that was because I was waiting to hear it. I never considered the sound being louder because it was bigger or closer.

I was also surprised to learn there was only 12 seconds between blasts, it still doesn’t seem reasonable that entire experience happened in less than 30 seconds.

The minutes after that are a bit of a blur, I remember getting text messages from numbers I didn’t recognize asking if I was ok. To be completely honest, I remember being aggravated wishing the texts were from friends who had been in the area instead. I remember flipping out on a young boy who was popping balloons while I was trying to locate my friends.

I remember not knowing what to do next.

In the days that have followed I’ve found it hard to associate my experience with the event to what I’ve seen on the news. I didn’t see any of the carnage; the views they show of the explosions are not the views I remember; the blasts sounded differently in real life than they do on the news.

The last few days have been spent questioning everything I did and the timing of things. What would have happened if I left 10 seconds later, or even just 5? What would have happened if I ran in the opposite direction back towards my friends? What if I had just stood there?

I’ve struggled with how to deal with this, physically I’m fine but emotionally I’m not.
I alter between angry, irritable and exhausted. I feel distracted and disengaged. I feel guilty that I ran away instead of running to help people out and most of the time I feel guilty for feeling any of this as I was unharmed.

I’ve also struggled with how to describe what happened. I cringe every time I hear the word “lucky” or “wrong place, wrong time” used to describe people, offered as a condolence or as an explanation. Those words sound far too trivial.

I haven’t cried about the event yet and I feel numb when hearing or talking about what happened. When I see a news segment or read an article detailing the victims or the heroes, stories that would normally bring me to tears, I think to myself “that’s horrible” or “courageous, inspiring” but there’s no outflow of emotion.

While I’ve taken precautions such as being more aware of my surroundings, avoiding being in crowds or on public transportation, I wouldn’t say I’ve felt unsafe. I believe the increased police presence in the city has helped a great deal. Part of me actually feels safer living in Boston after seeing what the first responders and political figures will do to protect this city.

I feel extremely guilty that I will get to go back to being my old self while others lives were changed forever. I still have the freedom to move about as I please and more importantly I still get to hug my family and friends and tell them that I love them, while others no longer have that luxury.

I’ve talked about what happened and how I’m feeling a lot with friends and family this past week. And while I’ve been told what I’m feeling is normal, I’m speaking to a counselor this week.
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone that was affected by this tragedy. Seeing the outpouring of support for the city of Boston from around the globe proves that there is more love and compassion in this world than hate.

I believe the youngest victim, 8-year-old Martin Richard, said it best “No More Hurting People…Peace”.

If you or a loved one are looking to speak to someone the below are just a few of many options:
-The City of Boston Mayor’s Healthline has counselors available from 9am-5pm 4.22.13-4.26.13.
-The Federal Disaster Distress Helpline: 1-800-985-5990; provides immediate counseling to anyone who needs help in dealing with the aftermath of a tragedy.
-The American Red Cross provides Disaster Mental Health Services during local, regional and national disaster incidents. Contact your local Red Cross office. www.redcross.org
-Your place of employment might also offer an Employee Assistance Program that will have resources available.
-Contact your healthcare provider for options of professionals available in your area

If you’re interested in assisting the victims of this horrific event please visit: www.onefundboston.org

*For those of you not familiar with the area, when looking onto Boylston Street from left to right the bars/restaurants are Max Brenner’s, Starbucks, Forum, Atlantic Fish Company. The second explosion went off in front of Forum.

Edited**Editor’s Note: I’ve been working on this post for the past week, attempting to put this experience into words has proven extremely difficult.  I didn’t want to dramatize my experience but at the same time I don’t want to discount what I experienced.  I love writing in that it helps me sort my thoughts, express my feelings and learn from my experiences.   And while it did help to write this post, I learned that I don’t have the words to describe what happened, I’m not sure anyone does. 

I disabled comments for this post as I’m not looking for sympathy the sole The purpose of this post is to hopefully assist others who are struggling with the emotional aftermath of this event.  Learning that others feel the same way I do has helped me.  Please feel free to email me directly if you’d like to talk or share your story kris10take1@gmail.com.

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Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: CG Workout

Warm-Up: Annie 50-40-30-20-10 double unders and ab mat Sit-ups. 

I busted out my new speed rope for the first time and found that I’m extremely rusty with double unders.  I’ve been forced to stick with singles recently due to my wrist, after finishing 50 double unders painfully slow (I couldn’t string them together due to the brace on my wrist) I ditched the brace and was able to rattle off a few consecutive DUs.  My original goal was to complete the workout without doing any singles, but I abandoned that during the round of 30 as it was taking far too long.

Total Annie time: just under 16 minutes.

Workout: 3 Rounds

15 Deadlifts

15 Handstand Push-ups

15 Toes to Bar

I did the deadlifts at 125 (which I’m pretty sure is the heaviest I’ve ever done!! I typically put on 115).  It’s also the first time I’ve ever used 45 pound plates!  Completing 45 at this weight was a challenge but I was determined to get through the reps.

A handstand hurt too much so I tried pike push-ups but I didn’t trust my balance on my fist, so I dropped down and did some push-ups on my toes before retreating to my knees. 

Wednesday: 4 mile run.  Originally my plan was for 5 miles, but it was so windy (gusts up to 30 mph) I decided to cut the run a little short.  At times I felt as though I was running in place and others I felt as though someone was pushing me from behind.  My legs were cooked after the run so I spent the evening form rolling and tiger tailing. 

Thursday: Crossfit

Warm Up: 3 Rounds

8 Handstand Push Ups (I did pike push-ups)

20 Hollow Rocks

8 Ring Dips

Strength: 1 rep Push Press Max

Metcon: 14min AMARP

30 Double Unders

200 foot Famers Carry (20 10ft laps, so we had to keep turning around)

10 Shoot throughs with push-up and dip

This workout was much more difficult than it looked.  I made it through everything once and the double unders and push-up/dips two full times.  On the second set of farmers carries I decided to up the ante and carry 2 24kg kettlebells vs the 2 16kg kettlebells I carried the first round.  With the 24kgs I had to stop and adjust my grip about every 20 feet so it was slow going.  I made it about 160 feet before time ran out. 

1 Mile Recovery Run

Friday: Crossfit

Hero WOD: Lumberjack 20

20 Deadlifts (165 was the suggested RX, I did 135)

400m Run

20 Kettlebell Swings (24kg was RX, I tried this weight and couldn’t do it, I worked my way down until I got comfortable with the 18kg)

400m Run

20 Overhead Squats (holding the bar overhead bothered my wrist so I did 30 squats with a weighted plate)

400m Run

20 Burpees

400m Run

20 Chest to Bar Pull-ups (I did 20 pushups and 20 dips)

400m Run

20 Box Jumps

400m Run

20 Dumbbell Squat Cleans (I did one handed squat cleans with a kettlebell, I was running short on time so I just grabbed the closest kettlebell, not sure of the weight).

There was a 30 minute cut off for this workout, I finished in 29:57.  The only reason I managed to finish is because on the last 400m run there was a guy right behind me who I was determined not to let pass me.  He didn’t!  But then again he had no idea we were “racing”.  Regardless, I finished the last 400m as a sprint leaving me a little less than 2 minutes to catch my breath and complete 20 cleans. 

Saturday: My plan was to get up early and run, but when I got up early it was 25 degrees and windy.  Instead of running I headed to open gym and completed the following workout I found on crossfit.com:

Row 1000m

20 GHB Sit-ups

Row 750m

40 Toes to Bar

Row 500m

60 Sit-ups

I was tired and sore from the previous two days workouts, the row felt terrible and very forced.  Which it was because I had no desire to row, I kept trying to talk myself to downgrade the distances (750, 500, 250).  I managed to stick it out, and really pushed myself so I could get the rowing done faster and off the erg.

Instead of the toes to bar I ended up doing 20 lemon squeezers and 20 hollow rocks.  I have yet to get toes to bar so I figured I’d get a better workout substituting the movement.

Sunday: Rest Day!

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So a lot has changed since my last post. I’m no longer taking part in the Crossfit Open as I slipped on ice and busted my wrist shortly after completing the first workout.

I’ll give you a moment or two to get over the shock that I did something clumsy.

Luckily I didn’t break my wrist but it seems to be healing rather quickly at a snail’s pace and slowly regaining strength. So lifting has pretty much been out, just as I was becoming more comfortable with it. One would think I’d used this to my advantage and focus on running, considering I have big half marathon aspirations for this year.

But that’s not really the case.

I’ll be completely honest, as much as I say I love running, I’m a fair weather runner. If it’s cold, windy or rainy the odds that you’ll find me hitting the pavement are slim to none. I have enough trouble staying upright (see above) that the added challenge of ice and slick sidewalks is one I cower too.

Getting back into running hasn’t been as smooth as I had hoped. While I feel a lot faster than I was in the fall, building up the distance has been a hard fought battle. I find myself getting bored with running or sprinting for a period and then having to stop and catch my breathe. I’m registered for a half marathon at the end of May, so I’m hoping with the nicer weather I’ll be more motivated to lace up and hit the streets.

I’m grateful that I’m still able to work out with this injury, workouts for the past couple of weeks have consisted mainly of lower body and ab exercises. Both of which will hopefully make me a stronger runner.

And maybe improve my balance!

Monday: Rest Day.

Tuesday: Crossfit Bootcamp. I had to alter some of the exercises for my wrist. The pushups and ledge dips were done on fist (as it hurts to put pressure on my palm) and wall balls were done with a 10 pound ball, I didn’t dare to try catching the ball so I let it drop each time and reset.

For time:
30 Burpees
40 Kettlebell swings
50 Ab mat situps
800M Run
30 Wall Balls
40 Box Jumps
50 Ledge Dips
800M Run
30 Walking Lunges
40 Kettlebell Twists
50 Pushups
400M Sprint

Wednesday: Crossfit
400M Sprint
6 minute AMRAP: 5 Pullups, 10 pushups, 16 squats

4 Rounds:
3 Sots Press
10 Bent over rows
12 Overhead Step-ups with 25 pound weight (these were killer)

4 Rounds for time:
9 Power Cleans (I did deadlifts)
18 Lateral Bar Hops
9 Floor Wipers

Thursday: CG Workout
Double under warm up
4 Clean and Press
8 Deadlifts
12 Front Squats (I did weighted squats)

Since this was my first time back lifting I just used a 35 pound bar with no weight. I felt pain when trying to do the front squats so I switched and did weighted squats.

Friday: Crossfit Open Gym
5 Rounds
8 Kettlebell Swings (16kg)
8 GHB Sit-ups

18 Minute AMRAP
10 Deadlifts (85 pounds)
400M Sprint

A couple hours later I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and headed out for a 4 mile run.

Saturday: 5 mile run. My legs were pretty spent, all of my workouts for the last couple of weeks have been leg focused, but I was able to make it 5 miles with a couple walk/stretch breaks.

Sunday: Rest Day

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If you couldn’t guess by the title of this post: I signed up for the Crossfit Open.  I figured it would be a great way to meet new people at my gym, it was a great way to push myself out of my comfort zone and it made sense financially (I get 5 extra classes for $20!). 

I’ve only been going to Crossfit regularly for 3 months, I’m only just attempting to get over my fear of lifting weight over my head.  I think I’ve done a decent job at taking my time to learn the fundamentals of each lift and practicing my form before adding on weight.  At this point, 55 pounds is my sweet spot, I’m slowly getting more confident to add more weight, I need to continuously remind myself not to get overly competitive and do more than I can handle. 

So much easier to write than adhere too… 

First task, creating an Athlete Profile.  Easy peasy…until you realize you’re MUCH more comfortable displaying your weight compared to your max lifts and benchmark times (if you even have any…)

I'm totally hustling this competition and letting everyone think I'm weaker than I am...

I’m totally hustling this competition and letting everyone think I’m weaker than I really am…

Luckily the Athlete Info section was pre-populated so you just had to choose the answers that best fit. 

Of course these options do leave some wiggle room for interpretation; for example “I eat whatever is convenient”  one may consider Cadbury Mini Eggs as convenient if  there is a CVS 4 block from their condo…and obviously if it’s convenient it doesn’t count as a cheat meal.  Another person might consider their poorly, seldom written blog as tracking their workouts.

Of course these options do leave some wiggle room for interpretation; for example “I eat whatever is convenient” one may consider Cadbury Mini Eggs as convenient if there is a CVS 4 block from their condo…and obviously if it’s convenient it doesn’t count as a cheat meal. Another person might consider their poorly, seldom written blog as tracking their workouts.

Next Task, complete the workouts!

I completed the first WOD 13.1 on Saturday. 

Workout 13.1

17 minute AMRAP of:
40 Burpees 
30 Snatch, 75 / 45 lbs 
30 Burpees
30 Snatch, 135 / 75 lbs 
20 Burpees
30 Snatch, 165 / 100 lbs 
10 burpees
Max rep Snatch, 210 / 120 lbs

I was really nervous for the workout and kept questioning why I signed up for something completely out of my league (and something that would undoubtedly contain burpees). 

I’ve been working on snatches a lot the last couple of weeks, I had worked up from not being able to do the movement to snatching 70 pounds over that time.  I didn’t know if would be able to snatch 75 pounds, 30 times, after completing the previous part of the workout, but I knew it wouldn’t kill me to push myself and try. 

I got put in the last heat, which I dreaded, I would have preferred to get the workout over with rather than watching my teammates look exhausted after they finished. 

Surprisingly the opposite happened, I got extremely motivated.  Everyone was working so hard, yes they were exhausted but they were also extremely proud.  So many people hit PR’s, the girl I was judging in the first heat was able to snatch 75 pounds for the first time ever, which she then repeated 4 more times!

I was incredible inspired and all of a sudden excited for my turn.  My goal was to get through the first set of burpees and 45 pound snatches and the second set of burpees as quickly and efficiently as possible so I’d have ample time to attempt the 75 pound snatch. 

My arms were toast by the time I finished the first set of burpees (I’ve been doing a lot more upper body lately and my arms are slowly adjusting  and recovering from all their newfound attention).  I honestly don’t remember much about the 45 pound snatches, I remember being tired but telling myself to suck it up so I could get to the 75 pound attempts.  30 burpees later it was time…

I wasn’t able to snatch 75 pounds, I can honestly say I tried my hardest to get the weight but I just couldn’t do it.  The coach/judge I was working with was amazing, she kept on offering tips, correcting my form (I was ready to pretty much do just about anything to get that weight over my head), reminding me to take a step back and cheering me on.

There were so many times I wanted to quit or stop and take a break, starting from the moment I walked in the door.  I didn’t do anything unbroken, I broke the exercises up into increments of 5 or 10, on my last set of 30 burpees I really pushed myself, I wanted to get to that 75 pound snatch.  Everytime I wanted to stop I made myself do two more burpees before I took a break to shake out my arms or legs. 

Despite not being able to snatch 75 pounds, I felt really strong and proud after finishing this workout.  I challenged myself and at this point I don’t believe there is anything I could have done differently to change the outcome. 

I signed up for the Open because I wanted to challenge myself, and I’m right on track after workout 13.1.

Are you competing in the Crossfit Open?  What’s the most challenging workout you’ve done recently?

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2 months into the year seems to be a good time to take a pulse on my 2013 goals for this year. 

Goal #1: 1 Unassisted Pull-up.  I clearly haven’t achieved this yet, you’d have heard about it 1000 times by now, but I have been practicing both during class and at open gym.

Goal #2: 1 Unassisted Handstand Push-up. No real progress here, though while I was dealing with rib I did a bunch of pike push-ups off my coffee table (for some reason that didn’t bother my rib).

Goal #3: 1:45 Half Marathon.  Training for this begins this weekend.  I’ll put it out there now that I’m not prepared.  So there’s that. 

Goal #4: Increase Savings by $5000.  Saving has been (extremely) slow but steady, but I’m no longer dipping into my savings every month so there’s so progress.  As of right now my tax return is designated for my savings account so that will be a big help.

Goal #5: Stop Gossiping and Complaining.  I’ve stopped myself from gossiping or complaining a couple times but other times I don’t realize I’m doing it until it’s too late.  Or I realize I’m about to do it and don’t care to stop myself. 

Goal #6: Attempt two new meals a month.  I’ve only attempted one new meal thus far, though I’ve had ample opportunity to take the path less traveled, I’ve stuck to the tried and true. 

I have cut out a couple recipes that I’d like to try, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I trouble with this is that I’d most likely have to make a grocery list before I go shopping, that would take a lot of effort.  Right now I basically buy the same things every week so I don’t require a list. 

Fun Sad Fact: I’m super lazy when it comes to the most simple tasks. 

Goal #7: Stop Focusing/Dwelling on things I have no control over.  Some days this is much easier than others, some days all I want to do is complain, dwell and swear about things I can’t control. 

I do however feel as though I’m catching (and trying to stop) myself lingering on things I can’t control more and more.

Goal #8: Swear less. I gave up swearing for lent.  I still swear on occasion, but less so than I did before.  I’ve found that the less I complain and dwell on things the less I swear.  With these three goals I’ve found that I’m more aware of what I’m saying or thinking.  

Funny thing about this goal, anytime I read something that has a swear word I always pause before the word and consider whether or not I should say the word, even if I’m just reading to myself.

Goal #9: Volunteer Once a Month: February’s volunteer event got postponed until March due to the snowstorm a few weeks back.  I did however sign up to be a mentor to a student in the UCONN School of Business, we had our kickoff a few weeks ago. 

One-sixth of the way through the year and I feel as though I have a decent handle on most of my goals.  Having them posted on my fridge where I can see them every day helps, Though as I learned in 2012, some of the most exciting achievements aren’t planned

Fun Fact: The refrigerator door is the door most opened in my condo!


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Hey There!

How’s everyone doing today?

First and most exciting my rib/intercostal is back to normal! Last week, for the first time in 3 weeks, I was able to return working out. Over the last couple of weeks I had attended open gym a few times and did a few workout videos at home to test the area and make sure there was no pain.

The final test came shoveling my car out after Nemo last weekend. I was nervous the weight of the snow and the hours spent shoveling would set me back. This is what I was dealing with:

View of my car on Saturday morning.  Taken from the warmth of the lobby, there was no way I was dealing with that while it was still snowing.

View of my car on Saturday morning. Taken from the warmth of the lobby, there was no way I was dealing with that while it was still snowing.

Front of car on Sunday morning, when I finally decided to get my act together and shovel instead of going to the bar.

Front of car on Sunday morning, when I finally decided to get my act together and shovel instead of going to the bar.

Luckily, the snow wasn’t too heavy and I got some help from a friend and a plow. The entire job only took 45 minutes!

After giving my body a couple extra days to recover and ensure there was no pain– just in case – I hit up crossfit for the first time last Wednesday. I scaled it back with the weights and modified some of the exercises in an effort not to push it too hard too soon.

Thursday morning I met up with a friend to work out before work, we did a workout he created of burpees and cleans. The burpees went a little slower than I would have liked, many breaks were taken, but overall I was pretty happy with my fitness level. I thought it would have been much worse giving that I had taken the last three weeks off.

Friday afternoon, I hit up crossfit once again. For a workout that included death by burpees: 24 minutes, the first minute you do 1 burpee and have the rest of the minute to rest, the 2nd minute you do two burpees and so on. I made it to 13 minutes before switching over to ab mat sit-ups.

Before the workout started my goal was to make it to round 12, after barely completing round 13 I really wanted round 14, but my arms weren’t having it.

Saturday morning I went to open gym and completed a 3,6,9…21 ladder of deadlifts and pull-ups. Once again I scaled down weight (85 pounds for the deadlifts) and used a bigger band for the pull-ups. I took more breaks than I would have liked to complete the pull-ups. I feel as though I lost a lot of strength over the last couple of weeks, but regardless I’m just happy to be working out again.

Second and almost as exciting, during Thursday’s warm-up, I did my first double under. After whipping myself with the jump rope numerous times I finally got the rope to go around twice for one jump.
Friday I showed up to the gym a little early to practice double unders before class started. It took a solid 10 minutes of attempts before I finally got my second. I was ready to call it quits and designate that one double under as a fluke. By the time class started I was able to complete a double under and keep the rope going, stringing together single, single, single, double, single, single, single double.

Saturday and Monday at open gym I worked on double unders some more and can now complete single, double, single, double, single, double…

I have yet to be able to string together two double unders in a row, but I’m confident with some more practice it’ll happen soon.

I’m fully aware that these workouts might not qualify as taking it easy or that working out 4 days in a row isn’t really easing back into workout schedule. I waited until the pain had completely subsided before I attended a class again and scaled down the weights considerably (as considerably as one can considering I don’t use very heavy weights to begin with). I tested each exercise on my own before attempting to do multiple sets in class and promised myself that I would stop at the first sign of pain.

So there you have it, first week back was a success, no pain and a new trick!!

Good thing, because half marathon training is scheduled to start next week!


Your turn: what workouts have you been rocking lately?!

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