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2 months into the year seems to be a good time to take a pulse on my 2013 goals for this year. 

Goal #1: 1 Unassisted Pull-up.  I clearly haven’t achieved this yet, you’d have heard about it 1000 times by now, but I have been practicing both during class and at open gym.

Goal #2: 1 Unassisted Handstand Push-up. No real progress here, though while I was dealing with rib I did a bunch of pike push-ups off my coffee table (for some reason that didn’t bother my rib).

Goal #3: 1:45 Half Marathon.  Training for this begins this weekend.  I’ll put it out there now that I’m not prepared.  So there’s that. 

Goal #4: Increase Savings by $5000.  Saving has been (extremely) slow but steady, but I’m no longer dipping into my savings every month so there’s so progress.  As of right now my tax return is designated for my savings account so that will be a big help.

Goal #5: Stop Gossiping and Complaining.  I’ve stopped myself from gossiping or complaining a couple times but other times I don’t realize I’m doing it until it’s too late.  Or I realize I’m about to do it and don’t care to stop myself. 

Goal #6: Attempt two new meals a month.  I’ve only attempted one new meal thus far, though I’ve had ample opportunity to take the path less traveled, I’ve stuck to the tried and true. 

I have cut out a couple recipes that I’d like to try, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I trouble with this is that I’d most likely have to make a grocery list before I go shopping, that would take a lot of effort.  Right now I basically buy the same things every week so I don’t require a list. 

Fun Sad Fact: I’m super lazy when it comes to the most simple tasks. 

Goal #7: Stop Focusing/Dwelling on things I have no control over.  Some days this is much easier than others, some days all I want to do is complain, dwell and swear about things I can’t control. 

I do however feel as though I’m catching (and trying to stop) myself lingering on things I can’t control more and more.

Goal #8: Swear less. I gave up swearing for lent.  I still swear on occasion, but less so than I did before.  I’ve found that the less I complain and dwell on things the less I swear.  With these three goals I’ve found that I’m more aware of what I’m saying or thinking.  

Funny thing about this goal, anytime I read something that has a swear word I always pause before the word and consider whether or not I should say the word, even if I’m just reading to myself.

Goal #9: Volunteer Once a Month: February’s volunteer event got postponed until March due to the snowstorm a few weeks back.  I did however sign up to be a mentor to a student in the UCONN School of Business, we had our kickoff a few weeks ago. 

One-sixth of the way through the year and I feel as though I have a decent handle on most of my goals.  Having them posted on my fridge where I can see them every day helps, Though as I learned in 2012, some of the most exciting achievements aren’t planned

Fun Fact: The refrigerator door is the door most opened in my condo!



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Happy Hump Day!

It’s Wednesday! Which means I’m too lazy busy to come up with an actual post so I let the pictures do the talking

Growing up we were never allowed to hang anything on the fridge.  Aced tests and college acceptance letters never got the opportunity to be fully appreciated. Of course this all changed when Moose came along, his obedience school diploma was the focal point of the kitchen for a solid month.

Now that I have my own place, I do things a little different then my mom does, my place is nowhere near as clean as hers I allow for things to be displayed on my fridge.  It’s the perfect place to hang my 2013 goals, seeing them on a daily basis will hopefully put me in a better position to achieve them. 

It might not help me complete a pull-up, but it will hopefully remind me to swear less, make something different for dinner, or look for a new volunteer opportunity.

My messy fridge!  A reminder of what I accomplished last year and what I want to accomplish this year.

My messy fridge! A reminder of what I accomplished last year and what I want to accomplish this year.

Do you keep your goals posted in plain view? 

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Happy New Year!

A week late…but heartfelt just the same.

After much thought and consideration I came up with the following goals for 2013 and how I’m going to achieve them.

2013 Resolutions

1 Pull-up: Just one straight hanging unassisted pull-up. Just one. I’m currently using a band to do assisted pull-ups so my plan of attack will be to work on pull-ups at open gym, slowly decrease the size of the band I’m using and finally bang out ONE unassisted pull-up. This will most likely take me the entire year.

I will also consider this goal accomplished if I can manage one unassisted kipping pull up. Which might prove to be more difficult as I will also need to learn how to kip.

1:45 half marathon. As discussed here. I have a strong suspicion that if I achieve this in the spring my new goal will be a 4:15 marathon. Just putting that out there now.

Double-Unders: Learn how to do them.  I’ll be practicing these at open gym along with pull-ups.

Increase my savings. After nearly depleting it over the last 6 months I’d like to build it up over the next 12. This will be difficult as it’s so much fun to buy stuff and I’m in 3 weddings this coming summer. I’ve started creating lists of priority items that I need or could really use, these are the items that I purchase when extra money becomes available.

I’m also attempting to limit my trips to Target to once a month.

Stop gossiping and complaining. It gets me nowhere and no one needs or wants to hear it.   Perhaps I’ll start listening to NPR and reading more in an effort to have something to talk about.

Attempt two new meals a month. A follow up to last year’s cook dinner goal. I’ve been cooking a lot more since I live on my own, but typically go with the same meals because their easy and foolproof. Meals don’t have to be overly complicated or time consuming they just need to not be Turkey Chili or Fish/veggie burgers and sweet potato wedges.

Stop focusing on things I have no control over. I spend way too much time over analyzing and worrying about “what if” and the 150 potential outcomes. I always consider myself quite prepared yet none of the crazy scenarios I’ve planned for have ever come true so perhaps I should stop wasting time thinking about them.  In part this is a continuation of the progress I’ve made in terms of the negative thinking that nearly derailed my marathon training.  

Swear Less. A follow up to this, which fell by the wayside before Lent was even close to over. Swear words are not adjectives, I need to stop using them as if they were. I feel as long as I think about what I’m saying then I can easily chose more appropriate words to get my point across.
Volunteer: Since I didn’t even come close to achieving this last year I feel as though it needs to be added. I’m actually in talks to help the dog rescue organization I’ve been using with their social media and marketing.

What are your goals or resolutions for the new year?

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Hey there!

How’s everyone’s week shaping up?  Any exciting plans for the weekend?

My week has been great!  I’m super excited about all the fun events and parties I have planned over the next month.  Nothing big planned for the weekend, I’m returning to crossfit on Saturday and I’m hoping to finish my Christmas shopping this weekend! 

Thanks for all the well wishes and positive feedback regarding the marathon!  I really appreciate it; the entire experience has been extremely humbling and rewarding. 

That being said, I’m unsure if I’ll run another marathon. 

I would love to run another marathon, but would not like to train for another marathon.  Running a marathon is not difficult; it’s the training that’s extremely demanding. 

Yet rewarding…

I learned a lot about running and myself while training for Philly.  Not only did I run 26.2 miles but I was able to overcome the mental struggles that plagued so many of my runs and races.  I haven’t completely conquered the self-doubt (and never will), but I’m now able to better identify its onset and stop it before it derails my run/day/work presentation.  

This is the first race I had ever followed a professional training plan for.  Before this, my training plan was always simply run; get in miles when you can, do your best.  I’ve never done tempo runs or speed work as part of a training plan (I didn’t for this marathon either), but I would love to try and see what the results would be. 

Come to think of it I’ve actually never done a tempo run and I’m not even 100% sure what they are, but I’m going to look into it and maybe try one. 

When I crossed the finish line my first thought was that I loved running (despite being bored with it just minutes before), I loved the way it allowed me to push myself and how accomplished it made me feel.

And immediately I started thinking of things I would love to improve on, my form, my speed.  I would love to train for a half marathon focusing on my speed and crushing my half marathon PR.  (I’d also like to improve on giving myself a break and enjoying my accomplishments). 

I want 1:50 1:45.

And I fully plan on achieving it in 2013. 

Spring half marathon anyone?!

Marathon training forced me to reestablish my running comfort zone, what was once the edge is now dead center.

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