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2 months into the year seems to be a good time to take a pulse on my 2013 goals for this year. 

Goal #1: 1 Unassisted Pull-up.  I clearly haven’t achieved this yet, you’d have heard about it 1000 times by now, but I have been practicing both during class and at open gym.

Goal #2: 1 Unassisted Handstand Push-up. No real progress here, though while I was dealing with rib I did a bunch of pike push-ups off my coffee table (for some reason that didn’t bother my rib).

Goal #3: 1:45 Half Marathon.  Training for this begins this weekend.  I’ll put it out there now that I’m not prepared.  So there’s that. 

Goal #4: Increase Savings by $5000.  Saving has been (extremely) slow but steady, but I’m no longer dipping into my savings every month so there’s so progress.  As of right now my tax return is designated for my savings account so that will be a big help.

Goal #5: Stop Gossiping and Complaining.  I’ve stopped myself from gossiping or complaining a couple times but other times I don’t realize I’m doing it until it’s too late.  Or I realize I’m about to do it and don’t care to stop myself. 

Goal #6: Attempt two new meals a month.  I’ve only attempted one new meal thus far, though I’ve had ample opportunity to take the path less traveled, I’ve stuck to the tried and true. 

I have cut out a couple recipes that I’d like to try, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I trouble with this is that I’d most likely have to make a grocery list before I go shopping, that would take a lot of effort.  Right now I basically buy the same things every week so I don’t require a list. 

Fun Sad Fact: I’m super lazy when it comes to the most simple tasks. 

Goal #7: Stop Focusing/Dwelling on things I have no control over.  Some days this is much easier than others, some days all I want to do is complain, dwell and swear about things I can’t control. 

I do however feel as though I’m catching (and trying to stop) myself lingering on things I can’t control more and more.

Goal #8: Swear less. I gave up swearing for lent.  I still swear on occasion, but less so than I did before.  I’ve found that the less I complain and dwell on things the less I swear.  With these three goals I’ve found that I’m more aware of what I’m saying or thinking.  

Funny thing about this goal, anytime I read something that has a swear word I always pause before the word and consider whether or not I should say the word, even if I’m just reading to myself.

Goal #9: Volunteer Once a Month: February’s volunteer event got postponed until March due to the snowstorm a few weeks back.  I did however sign up to be a mentor to a student in the UCONN School of Business, we had our kickoff a few weeks ago. 

One-sixth of the way through the year and I feel as though I have a decent handle on most of my goals.  Having them posted on my fridge where I can see them every day helps, Though as I learned in 2012, some of the most exciting achievements aren’t planned

Fun Fact: The refrigerator door is the door most opened in my condo!



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January hasn’t really been my month. 

Or the slightly more dramatic; 2013 hasn’t been my year.

There’s been the partially flooded condo, the potential relationship I thought had promise but didn’t, the dog whose foster family decided they were going to keep him, the car making a funny noise, and the heat that stopped working. 

Oh, and I bought the wrong T pass.

Stupid paper T Pass, takes forever to process causing you to miss the train or hold everyone up getting on the bus.   I've felt like a tourist all month.

Stupid paper T Pass, takes forever to process causing you to miss the train or hold everyone up getting on the bus. I’ve felt like a tourist all month.

At 3am on New Year’s Eve Day (technically December but go with it) I woke up to the sound of water rushing in my condo.  If there is a sound that will get you out of bed quickly in the morning, it’s the sound of rushing water.

I found a partly flooded bathroom and hallway, with more water pouring out of the toilet by the second. 

All clean water thank God.

I was able to remedy the issue (toilet wouldn’t stop running) and clean up the mess fairly quickly.

As I patted myself on the back for handling my first home emergency so well – I didn’t cry (I had enough water to deal with) or even freak out, I jumped right into action (though I’ll fully admit I had no idea what I was doing) – I opened up the door to my unit to soak up the last of the water and noticed a very wet carpet complete with puddles in the hallway. 

I stood there shaking as I called my buildings emergency maintenance line.

Given the time of day and the fact that the issue had been resolved (go me!) they wouldn’t send anyone over until later.  I was also advised that if I had a wet dry vacuum I was better off cleaning up myself as it was a holiday so rates would be double.

I left notes under my neighbors doors explaining what happened – and praying the water didn’t go into their units – and sent my dad a text to call me when he got up. 

Of course, calling my father would have typically been my first course of action – but calling that early in the morning wouldn’t have been fair since there was really nothing he could do – so I had to deal with it on my own.  

It could have been so much worse.  I’m on the bottom floor so no one is below me and I caught the mess right away.  Had I not rolled over and heard the water things could have been a lot worse. 

I was very lucky. 

Yes, the situation sucked, but I am proud of the way I handled it and the outcome was as desirable as can be.  

Fast forward a couple weeks, now my vents are blowing out cold air and its single digits outside.    The temp in my condo was 64 and falling (I typically keep it at 68) so I shut the heat off and went to bed.  (I live in a building with 20 other units so my place typically doesn’t get overly hot or cold so this was an option).

When I woke up the condo was at 61.  I turned the heat on and miraculously it worked. 

It continued to work for the next couple of days until it stopped working. 

My condo stayed between 62 and 64 so I put off calling anyone (I’m so responsible) because I was sick of paying for things breaking.  (Per my condo guidelines we’re supposed to keep the heat at 62 to avoid pipes freezing, if the temp had fallen and stayed below 62 I would have had to call someone.) 

Seriously is there a worse month for everything to go wrong?!  The holiday bills are rolling in and tax returns seem like a distant dream.

Tuesday night, after a little Google consulting, I decided to try flipping the circuit breaker as my tried and true shut the heat off and then turn it back on a couple hours later was failing me repeatedly.

That worked! 

For the past two days my condo has been at a glorious 68 degrees and I’m left hoping it stays that way.

It was an extremely simple fix but I still felt like a rock star for taking care of it myself. 

The joys of homeownership. 

The funny thing is, never once when either of these issues popped up did I regret buying the place or wish I could just call a landlord.  Both of the issues could have been a lot worse and much more expensive.  Being able to handle both situations on my own has given me more confidence in handling being a homeowner. 

I have a feeling February is going to be much better; for starters I already purchased the correct T pass!

The Charlie Card, so much more convenient, no fuss,  just tap and go.

The Charlie Card, so much more convenient, no fuss, just tap and go.

Have you ever had a month where things just didn’t go your way?  How’d you handle it?  Do you feel like a rock star when you fix or complete home projects? 

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